Brass Nautical Gifts.


6" Brass Alidade Compass £ 40.40

4" Brass Sundial Compass £ 25.50
alidade compass nauticalgift by
Sundial compass nautical gift by
Nautical gift compass by picture of nautical giftbutton

Brass Compass in box 25.50

3" Brass Clino Meter Compass 18.50
Brass nautical compass by
Brass clino meter gify by
compass in box nautical gift by clino meter gift by

Brass 4" Ships Compass £ 28.90

Brass 9" Alidade Compass £ 47.80
Nautical gift ships compass
Aldidade gift compass
ships compass by alidade nautical gift compass by

5" Brass Compass £ 33.20

Brass 3.5" Clino Meter Compass £ 19.50
Nautical Brass compass
Nautical Brass clino meter compass
Brass compass picture by clino meter compass by

3" Paperweight Compass £ 12.70

Brass 5" Swing Compass £ 17.50
Wooden compass by
Nautical gift gimbal compass by
Nautical gift Wooden compass by gimbal compass picture by

Brass 6" Gimbal Compass £ 20.50

Brass Binnacle Compass with Lamp £ 62.90
Brass swing compass by
Brass binnacle nautical gift compass by
nautical gift Brass Gimble compass Brass binnacle compass gift by

Brass 10" Ball Compass £ 36.75

4" Brass Survey Compass £ 25.50
Brass ball compass by
Picture of Brass nautical gift survey compass by
Nautical Ball compass by Survey compass by

Brass 2.5" Gandhi Compass £ 15.30

Brass 8" Ships Wheel Compass £ 25.50
Gandhi compass by
Ships wheel compass by
Picture of Brass gandhi compass by Picture of  Brass wheel compass by

Brass and Wood Wheel Compass £ 22.60

8" Brass Hanging Compass £ 23.20
Wheel compass picture
Hanging compass by
Nautical gift Brass wheel compass by Picture of Brass hanging compass by

5.5" Brass Ships Compass £ 15.80

Brass 5.5" Differencial Compass £ 28.90
Brass ship's compass by
Differential compass by
Ship's compass by Gift Differential compass by

2" Brass Gandhi Compass £ 12.70

2" Brass Pocket Compass with flap £ 9.00